whiteboard_videoSo today is launching day of our Whiteboard Animation Service!. And I will be have a follow through posts about my results on this service.

The goal of this service is to help business owners and entrepreneurs create videos that will help explain their product and services in much effective way. There are just hundreds or thousands of products and services out there that doesn’t have

Whiteboard Animation has been proven to be effective, engaging and can deliver the message with higher retention rate to the viewers!


With that being said, giving viewers an engaging and yet with clear message can result to Higher Conversion Rate!

And today, as I launched this service, I’m giving 20% discount to our Popular Package! Good news isn’t it?

Here are few of my past works with Whiteboard Video:

Whiteboard Animation for DigitalLord.com

Whiteboard Animation for AutoNews.CA

Those are my past old works. And today it’s going to get FAR the BETTER!

How about you? Do you have any experience with Whiteboard Animation Videos? How was it in terms of helping your product or services promotions goes? We would love to hear you.

If you want to use whiteboard animation service from us, you can go to our Virtual Assistant Services website at anytime and make your order.

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