Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog and reading my post. Today, is the 11th Day of September 2014 and I remember, it was the date (one of the saddest event in history) of the Twin Tower Attack and it was my awesome father’s birthday yesterday (10th of September). So those are few memorable occasions that I could think of to easily remember what I’ve done today for this blog. I kindah want you to know that I just re-launch this blog from scratch.

It’s been up since 2012 and have only a few posts about stuffs that just don’t give much value. So I decided to recreate and re-brand it as NEW! So today is the re-birth of this blog.

So what I’m going to share in this post is just about something I’ve been up to and my goals for the next few weeks or so. Are you interested and ready to know? Hope you will. Here we go!

Blog Setup Completion

One of my goal is to finish the setup of this blog before the end of September. There are still a few things I need to put and setup from here and there on this blog so it can become a self-explanatory — What I do, what this blog is all about, what I share and so on?

Study More about PHP

PHP is one of many programming languages that I believe that is worthy to learn. It’s one of my personal choice that I’d like to pursue on learning, been using and will be of more used in the future apps and web design stuffs that I planned to build. More about it in my post on Why I Study PHP. There are other programming languages that I also took time learning together with it. And it’s challenging and fun!

This journey doesn’t have any due date of accomplishment, it’s a consistent learning. So I will update about my experiences and all those stuffs from time to time on this blog.

Completion of Bible Reading

Well, I’m not religious… I’m a Christian and the Holy Bible has a great value to me and into my life (it’s the food of my soul). I aim to finish my whole bible reading before the end of December 2014. So watch out, ‘coz I will be sharing good stuffs in terms of spirituality. I hope and Pray I could be a good teacher and inspiration on this. Will you listen to me (oh yay! Thank you!)?

Virtual Assistant Training

I would like to say, I failed in this part and I have a lot of failures regarding setting up goals. I’m not a quick action taker and I’m a procrastinator, and I mean it. So now, this blog will somehow help me become responsible and accountable to what I say that I should do.

So if you want to learn what I do and how I make money online being a Virtual Assistant, then you will need some Virtual Assistant training. I made a goal to create a training video every week so I can help you learn things like, how to build your own website, html and css stuffs, some programming, how to be productive and so on! Cool? 🙂

Launching my Whiteboard Animation Service

So, I have a Virtual Assistant Services and slowly, I’m launching one at a time launching services and I’m launching my first two VA Services which are “Whiteboard Animation Video” and “Video Ranking”(I sound redundant here). Later next week, will have an officially launched online business. More of that in my next few posts.

Things I currently Working as Virtual Assistant

I’m working as a Technical Staff for various membership products by James Wedmore. Currently I’m working as customer support and technical guy on Reel Marketing Insider, Video ROI (soon to officially launch) and Local Video Academy!

Network Marketing Journey

Today, is also the day I started by Network Marketing Journey. I’m not new to this industry, but I’m just starting with a new company. Will talk about my experiences, failures and successes in my journey!

Well, Income Report?

Pretty much sooner, I will post my monthly income to all my income sources. Whether it’s from my VA Services, VA Works, Network Marketing, Affiliate sales and so on!

I guess that’s all I’m up to? Will be updating more in my next posts about what I’ve been up to, what the changes if any and why? So thank you for taking the time of reading this post. You’ve reached here, means, you’re interested on learning more about my journey. If so, don’t forget to subscribe to get FREE Updates!

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