The Action Items I took and will further Take(the coding life)!

Recently, I just post about my journey to mastering Laravel to build my desired application.

For me to accomplish my GOAL, I have to take action to what’s necessary along the way. I already did on some things and will go further what’s needed. Here are few things I’ve accomplished so far and will further take!Take action

  1. Learn and Master PHP
    From the beginning of my online work, I did search and read a lot of articles online about PHP and learned tons about it. It also boils me down to implement what I’ve learned when I meet WordPress which requires some basic to advance understanding of PHP as it was built from this language. I did took my Learning PHP on CodeAcademy to dig deeper of my understanding of this language and master it! Good to know, I’ve learned a lot.
    Learning is nothing when it's just put into the closet instead of using and putting them into implementation.
    I know that! I was inspired to what Jeniffer did here. I’d like to create a page that will have all the links of my coding experience not just PHP but AngularJS, etc.
  2. Learn AngularJS and Master it!
    I love AngularJS and how fast it is and how much it can accomplish! I started learning AngularJS from CodeAcademy and I was already at 88% in finishing it. The reason I wasn't able to finish this though(on CodeAcademy) is because I purchase an AngularJS course from Udemy, which now I'm at 97% of my journey and that the course provides a much deeper knowledge on what I needed about this subject. Thanks to Anthony Alicea for providing this extensive training and made it available on Udemy.

    I currently paused my learning on AngularJS and spend my time on PHP and Laravel, but I will sure do get back to Angular along the way since I'm needing it together with Laravel on the application I wanted to build!
  3. Learn Git and Master it!
    I was really really got overwhelmed when I found this GitHub and git kinds of stuff. I don't understand how it works and it's just a lot of additional learning curve that I need to take. But then again, I knew I need this for me to collaborate with my team(I do have my teammate - my brother Clifford and friend Jasper). Which by the way, gone along with me on these learning curves. They took the same course(PHP and AngularJS) on CodeAcademy and the other AngularJS course on Udemy.

    After I've learned Git from CodeAcademy, Codeschool, and Udemy and have known how to use it, I already started implementing it on the process of my coding and learning curve of Laravel. I'm using it to create a repository(huh! I already knew this term! - thanks to those tutorials) on Bitbucket for my team to collaborate once they're ready to GIT going!
  4. Learn Laravel and Master it!
    Oh, Laravel! How long and how much time and energy should I take before I'm able to master you? I took the first step on learning Laravel because my friend Ryan mentioned it to me as we're having some conversation. I tried it and at first, I thought I wouldn't have time to spare for this. But then, I love how this framework works and I would like to pursue this learning curve. Thanks to Jeffrey Way for providing a very comprehensive Laravel Fundamental training at Laracast.

So that's it for now! What about you? What's your current goal and priority? Mine is to build a web application to help a lot of people around the globe about getting paid working online and for outsourcers on getting their request done in a timely manner, than any other existing platform like Upwork, 99designs, etc! More about that on my future posts! Have a great day!

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