Managing Your Login Credentials with Ease!

Here’s one of my life’s hack video blog post that literally saves me a lot of frustrations in a day. One great thing about this tool is it’s totally FREE! Watch the video below to learn more.

Before, I used Roboform and it’s also an awesome password management tool. But I settle on lastpass because of its simplicity and features that I love. Specially sharing and unsharing my login credentials to my team. And good thing is, you can choose to share your logins without them seeing the exact password phrase(meaning, they’ll just see asterisks if they try to view it from their end).

Installing Lastpass

You can install lastpass in your computer or if you want, just install it on your browser. Installing lastpass in your computer allows you to save and fill login credentials for the tools and application you use that requires you to login.

Just go to lastpass’ download page and you’ll be able to see this download option.

lastpass download


Since I only login most of the time on my browser, I didn’t have to install the Windows version and so I choose the Lastpass for Chrome. Just search on google and you’ll find this.


I actually grab the link for you so you don’t have to go through that research process. :).

Here’s the link if you want the chrome version of the app.

Create Your Account

Don’t forget, you need to create an account on lastpass before you will ever be able to use it. Having an account gives you the ability to save all your credentials via Lastpass’ cloud storage. That means, whenever you’re in other computer, you can access those credentials by just installing lastpass on that computer and login your lastpass account. Ofcourse, you wouldn’t want to foget to logout to your lastpass account when you’re not on your personal computer right?

One last thing. Here’s my thought for the day.

“Tools can free or break you, utilize them if you think they could help you save your precious time and energy.”


How about you? What password management are you using?

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