FREE Video Series: How to Move Your WordPress Site to a New Hosting

Recently, I just helped a client move their wordpress website to a new hosting account. They once used a VPS on bluehost but due to a less activity and unecessary upgrade, they decided to move to a bluehost cloud hosting(which is far less for a business expense). Moving a wordpress site could be daunting at times even if you know a lot about this platform.

This video series will help you understand how to move a wordpress site to a new hosting. I created this tutorial in a series of videos so I can have enough time to explain what’s happening along the process. Knowing and Understanding what you’re doing is far better than a thousand trial and error!

So! If you’re looking for an answer on how to move a wordpress site to a new hosting, this is your answer.

Note:  The video below is a playlist. You can easily proceed to the next video by clicking the playlist menu icon  located at the top left of the youtube video.


You’ve got any question? Just let me know in comment!

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