Fast and Easy Way to Send Money to the Philippines

Are you looking for fast and easy way to send money to the Philippines? If so, this post is going to be about just that. As a Virtual Asssitant working for someone from California USA(superman James Wedmore), getting paid with EASE and FAST is important to me. It’s one way that as I could consistently provide the basic needs of my loveones, other financial support and helped achive my personal goals(relating to something that needs financial sustainance).

The Transition

transfer-iconJames and I made a transition into our payment method back in July 2014. He use to send me money through Paypal the previous months(since mid 2012- June 2014) and we once used Xoom the previous years(2010 – 2012). Since the month of July 2014, I found Remitly(my new favorite!) on Facebook advertisement in my feed and it catches my eye and visited their website and well.., my inner thought was saying, “this could be what I’m looking for as alternative to paypal!”.

I’m kind of skeptical and meticulous. Mostly, before I engage in something, I do a lot of research and do some assignment checks! Whether they are NEW websites, some cool offers I found, company names that just became stars, tools and softwares I found on the web that I find interesting to use, etc.

So I decided to do some research about Remitly and my research resulted to finding good reviews, truthful testimonials and verified to some of my friends on facebook that are entrepreneurs and business owners that actually used it to pay their employees from the Philippines!


Here are just few advantages that I found with Remitly:

Easy to Register
Registering as Sender or Recepient on Remitly is easy as pie! You can even use Facebook to signup.

Easy to Use
With detailed step by step tutorial in their website, you won’t lose track. Pretty neat and easy!

Money Gets to YOUR Loveone or Employer within MINUTES(not days)!
If there be any emergency needs, you won’t be late! Paypal took me 3-4 days before it gets into my bank account. Paypal used different method about fund transfer and we can’t do much about it.

SMALLER FEES for SENDERS(starts @$3.99)!
If you want a much smaller FEE, use DEBIT CARD(not CREDIT CARD – or else you get additional 3% charge of the amount you send.)

And much more to mention!


What it is to YOU?


If you’re a United States resident and you want to send money to someone to the Philippines, there couldn’t be anything much easier I found on the web that could do just that rather than Remitly! So today is your blessed day, you just found a great solution!

The Last Voice in My Head

Share you thoughts and experiences about sending Money to the Philipines. If you’re a Remitly user, how was your experience? Do you have any negative and possive feedback? Let us know. We would love to hear your comments!

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