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Website Speed Test Before Moving On To VPS

Here’s another video for my Share Hosting to VPS Hosting Transfer tutorial series. In the video below, I’m showing you how two resources to where you can speedtest a your website or blog. I also mentioned my reason why I test my blog’s speed at its current web hosting before I proceed to my vps…

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How to Add Elements on Your Blog’s Sidebar

Sidebar elements are essential to put up on your blog. It could be of help as a navigation tool to help your visitors browse the content of your blog at ease. Whether they want to search something, browse your old posts, and so on! In this short video, I will show you how to add…

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How to Embed Vimeo Video to WordPress

From my previous post, we learn how to upload a video from dropbox to vimeo. And now, we are going to learn how to embed it on a wordpress page or post. The video below will show you the process. It might seems complicated, but if you’re familiar with HTML and CSS then you can…

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How to Upload Video from Dropbox to Vimeo!

As a virtual assistant working online, uploading and embedding video is just one part of my various tasks. Since I’m incharged on putting up videos and downloadables in the members area of the membership sites I am working onto, I need to find way to do it fast, yet having a professional result. That way,…

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How to Add Multiple Blog Commenting Option to Your Blog

Do you want to give multiple option where your blog visitors can comment on the platform they wanted to use? Whether they want to use google+ or their facebook account, then this video below will give you an answer. You can Watch this Video on Youtube How about yours? What wordpress plugin did you use…

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Whiteboard Animation Service – Launching

So today is launching day of our Whiteboard Animation Service!. And I will be have a follow through posts about my results on this service. The goal of this service is to help business owners and entrepreneurs create videos that will help explain their product and services in much effective way. There are just hundreds or…

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Welcome to My Blog! – Blog Setup Mission

As I mentioned from my previous post, this blog is on its rebirth and the goal of finishing this up by the end of September 2014! Yesterday was its birthday and there are lots of things that I’ve added to my to do list for this baby ;-). I’ve created a quick video showing you…

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