Can You Read the Bible in 40 Hours?

Here’s another video I wanted to share about bible reading. Many Christians nowadays are too busy in their lives and are not able to give time in reading the bible. Should a Christian read the bible? I will answer that in another video (in a separate post), but in this video, let’s see how I do my bible reading and how I manage it in this life full of time constraints.

If you believe God is the author and owner of your life and time, isn’t it worth it to spend time with the owner of time? If you don’t believe God’s existence, of course, that doesn’t make sense to you. So all I can do is to share with you the good things having a true God being worshipped in Spirit and in Truths.

Here’s my video about “Can You Read the Bible in 40 Hours”.

You can also watch it on Youtube Here

Resources and Links

Below are the links and the downloads mentioned in the video:

That’s all for this post. How about you? Did you ever read your bible? If yes or no, share your thoughts in the commnents below. Thank you so much!

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