About Clint

Let’s Start with a cool thought that I’ve learned so much from my experience working online for different clients.

The More I Do, the More I Learn. The More I LEARN, the MORE I DO Effectively

I hope I won’t get you bored on this page. I will just share all the shortest possible I can so you won’t leave this page having your nose and forehead collides ;-).


What is this Blog all About?

I was blessed enough to have access to the world of internet where I have the opportunity to learn, do and share many things in various topics and areas of about anything(probably?).

But one thing I’m sure of is, I wanted to learn and share! Not just that, what I share is to be the best of what I have, NO HOLDING BACK for you to PROFIT and BENEFIT.

So whether you are a business owner, an aspiring entrepreneur or a wanderer hoping to know more about one or more things about the world wide web, tech stuff, online business, outsourcing, virtual assistant tips that I know, then I would be happy to share it with you.

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My Family Background and I

My name is Clint Francis, the fourth fruit and the eldest boy of my wonderful parents(Bella & Melchizedeck). We are ten siblings in the family but our eldest sister had passed away before I was born, so we’re now only nine maturing siblings. I and my two other two sisters were already married and our parents are blessed with grandchildren! Yay!

I am married to a beautiful woman of my life(Joralie) and blessed with a son(Franzelle Keith). They’re one of many beautiful things and best gifts from God that came into my life.


I’m a Christian and I’m a believer of others called “fiction” book Holy Bible. I live by it and I live through it and I share to others about it(especially the message of Salvation).

I’m not gonna force you to believe what I believe, ‘coz we both have FREE WILL that can’t govern by anyone but you. It so just happens that I used my free will to put into FAITH(living by Faith) that I’m created, that there is(others called it “delusion”) a designer who loved me and put all these things around me for good.

Part of the duty of this blog is to talk and reveal things about Christianity base on biblical perspective. ‘Coz millions of people around the world have been blinded by the truth and are leaving in the darkness of uncertainty(I’m talking about “peace with God”).

So more about FAITH topics on my posts later(biblically of course). Hope you’ll get along and know me well and I’m interested in who you are and what we can learn from each other and get connected as human beings.

My Career

I started as a Technician working for my Uncles’ Ink Refilling business when I was 17. They had helped me go to college and took my IT related course and here I am, browsing the world of internet and getting the use of curiosity into materially held stuff.

I started working online as Virtual Assistant of James Wedmore on February 2010 until recently. As a virtual assistant, I worked in many different fields of tasks such as:

  • Article Writing(my very first work)
  • SEO
  • Facebook Ads
  • Video Editing
  • Photoshop
  • WordPress(one of my favorite)
  • Setup membership sites
  • Infusionsoft Works and other technical stuff!

I’m a Professional Virtual Assistant working from home with my team. I’ve been working online for a couple of years for James Wedmore and for other clients in spare time providing different virtual assistant services that I and my team can offer.

Do you need any help with your business? Let’s talk! You can visit our Virtual Assistant Services website here.

I’m a real HUMAN, and you can connect with me on Social Media

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