Monthly Archives: November 2015

The Action Items I took and will further Take(the coding life)!

Recently, I just post about my journey to mastering Laravel to build my desired application. For me to accomplish my GOAL, I have to take action to what’s necessary along the way. I already did on some things and will go further what’s needed. Here are few things I’ve accomplished so far and will further…

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Learning Laravel Isn’t That Easy(but I enjoy it!)

This past two weeks, I’ve been learning Laravel framework(the reason I’m having a hard time finishing editing the video tutorials for my post about How to Move a Website(WordPress) to a New VPS Hosting). Back to the topic! Laravel for me is really a great PHP framework that makes building web application really simple and…

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FREE Video Series: How to Move Your WordPress Site to a New Hosting

Recently, I just helped a client move their wordpress website to a new hosting account. They once used a VPS on bluehost but due to a less activity and unecessary upgrade, they decided to move to a bluehost cloud hosting(which is far less for a business expense). Moving a wordpress site could be daunting at times…

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