The Action Items I took and will further Take(the coding life)!

Recently, I just post about my journey to mastering Laravel to build my desired application. For me to accomplish my GOAL, I have to take action to what’s necessary along the way. I already did on some things and will go further what’s needed. Here are few things I’ve accomplished so far and will further…

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Learning Laravel Isn’t That Easy(but I enjoy it!)

This past two weeks, I’ve been learning Laravel framework(the reason I’m having a hard time finishing editing the video tutorials for my post about How to Move a Website(WordPress) to a New VPS Hosting). Back to the topic! Laravel for me is really a great PHP framework that makes building web application really simple and…

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FREE Video Series: How to Move Your WordPress Site to a New Hosting

Recently, I just helped a client move their wordpress website to a new hosting account. They once used a VPS on bluehost but due to a less activity and unecessary upgrade, they decided to move to a bluehost cloud hosting(which is far less for a business expense). Moving a wordpress site could be daunting at times…

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Managing Your Login Credentials with Ease!

Here’s one of my life’s hack video blog post that literally saves me a lot of frustrations in a day. One great thing about this tool is it’s totally FREE! Watch the video below to learn more. Before, I used Roboform and it’s also an awesome password management tool. But I settle on lastpass because of…

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can you read the bible in 40 hours

Can You Read the Bible in 40 Hours?

Here’s another video I wanted to share about bible reading. Many Christians nowadays are too busy in their lives and are not able to give time in reading the bible. Should a Christian read the bible? I will answer that in another video (in a separate post), but in this video, let’s see how I…

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remitly post

Fast and Easy Way to Send Money to the Philippines

Are you looking for fast and easy way to send money to the Philippines? If so, this post is going to be about just that. As a Virtual Asssitant working for someone from California USA(superman James Wedmore), getting paid with EASE and FAST is important to me. It’s one way that as I could consistently provide…

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Resources - Tool Box Graphics

The Resources Page of My Blog – What’s it’s Purpose?

Thanks for stopping by on this post. I just wanted to share that I’m building up the Resources Page of my blog for one and one purpose only. To bring all the tools, products, services and resources online that helped me become productive, efficient and save much time and energy in a day to day…

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